We assign to you one or several telephone numbers. Each number can handle calls from at least 30 customers at the same time (with no busy-line signal). The customers call the number assigned to you. The calls are answered by the KTEL CENTER system and its voice platforms (that can be very well compared with phone answering machines). When the call is taken over, the KTEL CENTER system leads the customers by simply dialing certain numbers (the KTEL CENTER system identifies both PULSE and TONE dials).

  • All the information is automatically delivered by voice platforms. If the customer wishes to speak with an operator he or she can dial a certain number at any given moment of his or her call and the call will be diverted from the Ktel Center system to your company. When the line is busy or not answering within a certain time limit, then the call can be transferred to other destination (See Picture).
    Example: A customer is calling the Fiscal Authorities. Entering the Ktel Center system the voice platforms will answer back:
    "Good afternoon, you have called the Fiscal Authorities.

  • In order to find out information about taxes, dial 1,
  • In order to find out information about IVG, dial 2,
  • In order to find out the working hours, dial 3,
  • In order to get in touch with an available human operator, dial 0 ",a.s.o.
    This way, the customer receives all the information he required and needed every single time he calls you, and he wouldn't need to talk directly to someone, anymore.

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