Our telecommunication system can be adjusted to any business field and it can be used according to the companies' needs. Ktel Center grants you FOR FREE with a particular report, in order to better implement our system within your business.

  • The installation of this telecommunication service requires no additional equipment at your company's premises.

  • It allows potential customers to receive information, 24 hours a day everyday, by simply using any kind of telephone.

  • It ensures internal communication with various departments, subsidiaries or, warehouses.

  • The same system ensures a proper communication with distribution networks for orders, supplying information, technical service and customer assistance or any other outdoor activity.

  • It provides external communication by offering information about the company, its field, promotional compaigns, service and tehnical assistance, an overview of the products and services it offers, etc.

  • The type of telephone number that we could provide to you is:

    1. Ordinary-charged: as 01-30230XX the customer pays for the call as he usually does for a standard personal-number.

    2. Tollfree: as 01-808XXXX - the call is free of charge as long as the customer is concerned and it is fully supported by the company that provides this kind of service.

    3. Value-added: as 01-89XXXXX - the customer pays a higher cost, and the difference in value gets back to your company.

  • The system facilitates commercial activities such as sales, hotel and plane ticket reservations.

  • The system also allows your company to carry out marketing research because our IVR system allows you to interprete all the calls;

  • The call can be defined according to the time when it is made (hour, day, month and year).
    1st Example: Good morning/ Good afternoon/ Good evening, you have called OUR COMPANY...
    2nd Example: The way the call is diverted towards an operator depends on the specific hour or week-day. For instance, Monday to Friday, during office hours, the call can be directed to a certain destination (e.g. your company's phone number) and on Saturday and Sunday, or after office hours, the call can be diverted to another destination (e.g. a cell-phone).

  • The calls can be diverted to one or several destinations (your company's telephone numbers, headquarters', branches' or anywhere else is needed) according to a diversion rules previously established by the company.

  • When the line directing the call/s to your company is busy, then all the calls are placed in a waiting queue and they all can be connected later on, namely, when the line is no longer busy. There can be waiting queues for each destination, the company defining the waiting period and the number of calls out of the waiting queue.

  • When the line is busy or not answering for a certain amount of time the IVR system can transfer back the call to another destination, but this doesn't mean that the calls will be placed in a waiting queue as mentioned above

  • Several options can be simultaneously activated according to the subscriber's request.

  • The calling-customers can automatically receive any information he has listened to by faximile, e-mail, phone or any other way, specified in advance (e.g. when a customer requested more information concerning your company or institution he is asked to leave a fax number or an e-mail address where he/she can be later reached and the Ktel Center system automatically sends back all the information he or she required).

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