For a credit line, you have to follow these five steps. The first step is the financial analysis for which the bank charges you 0.1% of the requested amount, this has to be 500.000 lei at least at the time the documents should be presented for analysis. The second step is the guarantee evaluation for which the bank charges a 0.15% commission of the evaluated amount, and this has to be 500.000 lei minimum by the time the credit is aproved by the Credit Commission. The third step is the credit administration, for which it is charged in the last day every month 0.1% of the amount. The fourth step is the risc for which the bank charges you with 0.5 to 0.1% of the loa payable each trimester for the great amounts. This is the demonstrative IVR system of a Demo Bank. Thank you for viewing it. To continue, click 9 and you will access Ktel Center's homepage.

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